RAPTURE? – Tribulation is for Gold

Let’s re-think this thing.   Tribulation is certainly a trial, but who is being tried? And for what purpose?

In 1971 and ‘72, I was taught that soon Jesus would come back to earth and “catch away” all Christians to feast with Him in Heaven while those left behind on earth would endure such tribulation “as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” I believed this for a couple of years or so. During the 1970’s we saw gasoline lines and odd and even days for buying gas, food price inflation, and painful unemployment. There was trouble in the Middle East between Israel and her neighbors. The Cold War was still hot, or cold, whatever. We had sit-ins, racial riots in high schools, and student/police clashes on college campuses. There were strange and violent weather patterns and earthquakes. The judgment of God felt imminent.   It was!

In those days prophets of all kinds taught dreadful things about the endtimes. What happened? Was it all a lie? Just fear tactics to get offerings? Were we all caught up in a whirlwind of fantasy, or did something stop the inevitable?

I will submit an idea. What if God withheld the inevitable until the generation then present could “grow up” and father a new generation for the two to be joined in witness of His great name at such a time as the world has never seen, nor ever shall see again!

Tribulation – for our faith to be proven pure gold.  Tribulation – for those who embrace the world’s systems to learn Who rules in the kingdom of men. We are here for it all.

See Post The Birth of the Man Child.


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