The Only Way Out of the Fire is Through the Fire

Acrylic on canvass 18 X 24
Permission is granted to use this image as long as it is linked to this site.

I chose this painting to go with my poem The Land.  The picture came to me from a dream.  The white figure in the center is beckoning the others to escape from the house which is in the path of the fire.  Their only way to safety is through the fire.  The first one to follow is a child.


2 responses to “The Only Way Out of the Fire is Through the Fire

  1. Thought-provoking painting and I believe the idea presented that one must go through the fire to go out of the fire is right on target. The way is clear but not free of danger. We must have courage, faith and wear the armor of love to make this journey. Interesting blog. Thanks for visiting me. Hugs, pat

    • Hi, Pat. I’m glad to see you here. You’ve got the point. Sometimes we have to face the fire, but it can be our way out. Thanks for your insight. I have other pictures. they will come one at a time, and poems, too.

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