Red Girl – A Painting

Somewhat elusive and sadly contemplative, Red Girl speaks with haunting eyes.  The glazing technique evokes a ghostly image out of the canvass, and an unfinished look in the style leaves the viewer wondering about the artist’s intent.  The color scheme of warm reds that don’t mix with the cool blues intimates a conflict of emotion.  Her sad, yet unassuming face requires our attention.  This is one of the most favorite of my paintings.

Red Girl

Oil on canvass, 5” X 7”

copyright owned - no permission granted


8 responses to “Red Girl – A Painting

    • Yes, Audrey, it’s my painting. Thanks for your comment. I have to tell on myself to you. I first saw your name as a username and thought you were saying, “Jesu is Audrey.” I thought, “I’ve got to see this blog.” What a laugh I’m still having, Je suis Audrey.

  1. This girl looks at me with wisdom too old for her years, and knowledge of things no child should have to bear. It speaks of poverty and strength – a survivor – with slight expression of casting blame upon the onlooker; a certain amount of pride, yet wounded nonetheless. To me the red speaks of life blood, but the red is fading, as is the child’s chance of life while living in such poverty. I am reminded of photos one sees of children who seek a sponsor through Save the Children – risking to hope as their photograph will be sent around, yet not quite believing such beneficence is possible. If I painted this, I would be very proud of it indeed. I can see why it is one of your favorites. This is powerful, haunting and story-inspiring. And the child is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Hello Erict, that is a lovely portrait. I’ve just returned from a local art class where I was experimenting with colour conflicts for emotional effect, so this picture is vital to the theme. I fire enamels onto copper and so the colour spectrum is something that I’m always tussling with.

    • Hi, Harry. Colors vibrate into our souls. How’s that? I don’t know, but we all feel it. Art, science -who can tell where one ends and the other begins?

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