The Great Today – A Poem

I grasp for tomorrow,

Away, it whisks through my hands,

Slips through my fingers,

Dissipates in a breeze.

Yet I reach.

I nervously strain.

I gaze.

I peer.

Grabbing binoculars,

I look,

But it’s never there.

It’s with me.

I feel it.

I grasp.

Again, it’s not there.

Oh, it is, and I see it.

Gone again, into the air.

Tomorrow –

So big I can’t see Today.

And just yesterday I reached

For what now is today.

It is here

And I hold it,

But tomorrow is bigger

And I push this away.

What if this Today is the great Tomorrow I seek?

Today was tomorrow only yesterday.

Tomorrow will be Today tomorrow.

Won’t it?

Today I have Today

Held in my hand.

I can’t blow it away.

It is here.

Tomorrow again

Will be only Today,

And I’ll hold it.

It’s real.

Tomorrow never is.

What we hold is the Great Today.


14 responses to “The Great Today – A Poem

  1. i like how you penned this – we let the yesterdays burden our life and maybe are afraid of tomorrows and miss our todays..that’s so sad…and a good reminder…thanks

  2. “Today I have today/ Held in my hand/ I can’t blow it away/ It’s here / Tomorrow again”

    Really like this piece, this passage I listed here is brilliant, from taking a notion, relative to man, into a tangible object…beautiful image and metaphor.

    Thanks for posting this:)

  3. Very clever poem. Tomorrow never comes, it is a non-existant day. This poem is an eloquent way of saying the old saying “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why its called the present.” Yet we do all strive for tomorrow, making plans, decisions and countless other things, when as you said we should live in the now. A thought provoking read.
    The Lonely Recluse.

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