The Two Sons Diptych

A Satire and a Parable

The Two Sons Diptych will change forever the way you view forgiveness.

Must punishment alone be the balance for crime?
Or may forgiveness alone justify the balance?

The Two Sons Diptych is both a satire and a parable.  As a diptych (pronounced dip’tik) it consists of two stories.  In one a kingdom’s stability is threatened by bloody incestuous rape and murder.  In the other a family is destroyed by adultery, bitter anger, and grief.

Straightforward simplicity drives the satire into deeply contemplative and incompatible contrasts.  Rich imagery with dynamic rhythm and the diptych’s intense passions bring the reader to shocking conclusions.

…compelling, and engaging.
You manage to capture the reader’s emotions, and make them want to finish the stories.
…clever analogy … very thought provoking … intellectual…
Linda and Bob Harrington,
authors of The Soul Solution and other titles

The Two Sons Diptych is soon to be available on this site and in book stores nationwide.



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