3 Easy Steps – A Guide to Bible Reading in Chronological Classical Approach

You’ve heard that onions and parfaits have layers.  Well, God’s Word has layers, too.  God has revealed Himself to us a layer at a time from one age to the next.  Chronology is the Key.  This FREE DOWNLOAD “How to Study the Bible” is your road map to unfold the layers of God and His Plan from Genesis to Revelation.  It’s easy, it’s proven, and it works.

Open BibleIt’s a proven 3 step method for learning anything, and it’s called The Trivium.  All you need are the right tools.  According to Dorothy Sayers, the tools of learning are the same for any subject.  With this classical approach, you learn the basic Grammar.  Next, you learn to Reason according to the rules.  Then you’re ready for the Rhetoric of the really deep stuff.  This Download is the Trivium of Bible Study.  FREE DOWNLOAD How to Study the Bible

There is no gimmick or doctrinal bias here.  This is pure Bible study.  You read it yourself.  No one tells you what to think about it or how to apply it to your life.  That’s between you and God.  “How to Study the Bible” is a guide to reading the Bible chronologically.  You will read in the order that God has revealed Himself in time.  The panorama will unfold before your eyes.  Many things will make more sense than they ever have before.

After going through these 3 Easy Steps you will have more Bible knowledge than any seminary student who has not read the Bible chronologically.  You will be able to interpret Bible passages by previous Bible passages, so that you will see as the original writers saw.  In this way you will lay a foundation of Biblical knowledge to build on.

Whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock.”  Matthew 7:24

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To get a Free downloadable audio version of the Bible,

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