Justice, A Two Sons Diptych -Book

Category: Visionary Fiction
by Susan Ector Ward

…compelling, and engaging.
You manage to capture the reader’s emotions, and make them want to finish the stories.
…clever analogy … very thought provoking … intellectual…
Linda and Bob Harrington,
authors of The Soul Solution and other titles

Book Cover Front       Innocence, unbridled passion, betrayal, hurt, and healing are all here in straightforward simplicity driving the diptych into deep contrasts. Rich imagery with dynamic rhythm and intense passions bring the reader to a new contemplation of justice.

       The two stories it contains draw attention to the sharp contrast within our concept of Justice. In thinking back and forth between the two stories, the reader begins to ask, “What is Justice?” The diptych uses the son in each part to reveal the nature of the father, who is the justice system of each.

       This contemplation of Justice is very important as our world develops a global culture.

       Justice is not only intended for the deeply contemplative reader. Although narrative poetry is not the usual fare of the casual reader, its conversational style is easy to read. The speed, rhythm and imagery, as well as the intense passions of the characters, will keep the attention of every reader from its beginning to its eerie ending.

 Nearly every art form uses diptychs.

-from Regarding Diptychs, an excerpt:
“The transaction is silent, but the viewer receives responsibility in the investigation. The viewer is needed. The viewer completes the diptych.”
by Eric Dean Wilson, in The American Reader anthology

       The most common form is the hinged picture frame containing two related pictures. Eric Dean Wilson says that the diptych is really a triptych where the mind of the viewer acts as the center focal image as the viewer processes the relationship between the two parts.

       Justice, A Two Sons Diptych is available in paperback and e-book at Amazon.com.

Author’s Apologia for Justice, A Two Sons Diptych


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