“I see things.  I write, and sometimes paint, what I see.”

Susan Ector Ward is a visionary writer, a poet, and a visual artist.  Susan B&W

Ward’s literary influences have come from great authors, such as Leo Tolstoy, J. R. R. Tolkien, and George MacDonald.  She writes with the straightforward simplicity of Hannah Whitall Smith, with the passionate emotion of Harriet Beecher Stowe, and with the deep character insight of Harper Lee.

“I am a poet because poetry is like music.
It has a life that can invigorate the heart and soul
and with nurture may grow into  intellectual clarity.”
Susan Ector Ward

For over twenty years Susan Ector Ward was the founder and president of a volunteer education association serving at times up to 400 families per year in a four county area.  Her responsibilities included: coordinating events, services and volunteers; educational counseling, newsletter editing and chairing the board.

She has served as president of the Community Artists League near her home coordinating various art exhibits and community art endeavors.  Her wax painting E Pluribus Unum took Best of Show in the 2016 AACA One World Exhibition. She won first place in 2009 for a pencil portrait in a regional exhibit called The Art of our History, and her works have both placed and taken Honorable Mention in local shows.

My Favorite House Pet

My Favorite House Pet

As a young teenager Susan awakened to the spiritual realm all around us.  Even before her teen years Susan was a spiritually sensitive child.  At nine years old she heard the voice of God speak in her ear saying, “Susan, I want you to be a missionary.”

That word still rings in her ear.  Her life is a mission to seek out and explore new worlds … heavenly realms… and to bring back to earth evidence of heaven.

For both poetry and visual art she attributes the greatest influence in her life to her maternal grandmother Charlotte Sarah,  known as G. G. to her great-grands.  G. G. read many imaginative stories and poems to the children.
“From a very young age my imagination was stretched far and wide, high and deep by the sensitive and enthusiastic readings of my grandmother.”

Another imaginative influence came from her father Ralph.  Like G. G., Ralph was a sensitive soul, but in very different directions.  Being trained in Mathematics and Science, he loved to study and to teach about how things work.  “Daddy challenged me to think beyond the textbooks and always to question accepted theories.”

“Daddy taught me something else, too.”  Ralph was an ordained Presbyterian elder.  He took his responsibilities seriously.  His passion and his faith in the authority of the Bible in its original manuscripts formed a foundation which under-girds all of his daughter’s writings.

Susan and her husband Steve have raised ten children.
Ward FamilyShe loves mountains and trees, wildlife and domestic life, especially dogs.  Her favorite house pet was a beloved one hundred and twenty pound Rottweiler named Genevieve.


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