Welcome to Mrs. Ward’s
Late Western Civilization
High School Supplemental History Class at CHIMES.

We are using the textbook
Streams of Civilization, Volume II, Christian Liberty Press

What to Expect from this Class

  1. Parents are fully responsible for student grades. They may use:
    a. the quality of student notes taken in class
    b. end of chapter questions
    c. home research papers or project assignments
    d. home vocabulary tests from end of chapter word lists
    Mrs. Ward will NOT give students tests or grades.
  2. Please find and bookmark Mrs. Ward’s web page:
    All class reading assignments, as they are given,
    may be found here, as well as links to articles of interest according to class discussions.
  3. All required reading will be mainly, if not exclusively, from the textbook chapters.
  4. The once a week classroom hour will include lecture and/or student/teacher discussion.
    Mrs. Ward reserves the right to bring in a community expert when appropriate.
  5. The CHIMES class will NOT require research papers, which should be required in any high school history class. Therefore, the parent is responsible for assignments of that kind. Students who prepare such papers are encouraged to share them with the class in a beautifully printed format with correct citing and bibliography.

Pre-Class Assignment:

Read the textbook Foreword: A Christian View of History
the pre-chapter entitled Religion and Culture of the 16th Century

Prepare for a lively class discussion on the first day!