Welcome to Word in Vision

Susan Ector Ward, Word in VisionI am Susan Ector Ward,
Writer, poet, artist, author, and visionary.  Does that seem redundant?  I post articles related to Bible prophecy and practical Christian living.  Does that seem oxymoronic?  Well, as a I say, I see things.  I invite you to come and see my vision.

To View Earth from Heaven

Heaven is all around us.  Spiritual things are not blocked by the physical world. They are shadowed in it.  Their shadow shows us a shape, a hint of a reality beyond.  I am learning to see through these shadows.

“I see things.
I write, and sometimes I paint,
what I see.”
Susan Ector Ward

Please come in and peruse my posts; view the gallery of my visual art; take a peak at a poem or two.  And if you see something, leave me a comment.

Don’t forget to check out my books and booklets, and share them with your friends.  The sidebar has a button you may click to receive my free email post updates.

May you find hope and peace in these pages.

“I am a poet because poetry is like music.
It has a life that can invigorate the heart and soul
and with nurture may grow into
intellectual clarity.”

Susan Ector Ward


12 responses to “Welcome to Word in Vision

  1. so true.;… simple but true … we over complicate and over analyse far too often… let the music and poetry do the softening and healing and speaking and singing for a while… :] xx

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