Israel’s Feasts are God’s Timeline

Below is a link to an article by Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries.  Stephen Jones has many interesting interpretations of scripture which he has gained from study of the Law of God.  Anyone who respects the Bible honestly should take his ideas seriously and study for themselves.  The article below takes some chewing.  You may decide to spit out part of it, but reading it will likely open new ideas that deserve an audience.

 I believe Christians should learn from one another.  Nit-picking and pigeon-holing are only tactics to self-excuse one who will not take the time to study for himself.  We need not fear ideas.  Let’s listen and study with a true heart, and learn what is true from Him who is True.  -EW  

Kingdom Progression by Dr. Stephen Jones

In the progression of the Kingdom since the creation, we ought to know about the changes that God has made over the years, particularly at specific points in history.

Men have tried to explain these changes in various ways. The popular theory today was developed in the 1800’s by those who divided history into “dispensations.” Personally, I divide time according to the pattern of Israel’s feast days:

Pre-feast times: Adam to Moses

Passover Age: Moses to Christ

Pentecost Age: Christ to full Body

Tabernacles Age: Full Body to Great White Throne

Judgment Age: Great White Throne to Creation Jubilee

Each of these ages mark a distinct progression in the developmental history of the Kingdom. Before Moses the Kingdom was ruled by the patriarchs until Nimrod usurped their right to rule. He then organized his own kingdom by force of arms and ruled all that he could conquer. The rule of Noah and Shem depended upon Continue reading


Feasts of Ancient Israel Define Age Dispensations

Here is an article from Dr. Stephen Jones of God’s Kingdom Ministries.  He is describing the spirit of prophecy in the holy feasts of ancient Israel.  Israelites were required to keep three major feasts each year: The Passover, The Feast of Pentecost, and The Feast of Tabernacles.  Each feast prophesies of an age/era in God’s plan.  See Leviticus 23.

Dr. Jones says,
“The Age of Passover began with Israel’s exodus from Egypt and with their entry into the Promised Land at the feast of Passover.  The Age of Pentecost began in Acts 2.  The Age of Tabernacles will begin with the overcomers receiving the fullness of the Spirit.”

How to divide Time into proper Ages

by Dr. Stephen Jones

About 160 years ago, the Church saw the rise of a new teaching called Dispensationalism. Their definition of “dispensation” was a period of time in which God dealt with mankind in some specific manner that characterized that “dispensation.”

For example, from Moses to Christ was said to be the dispensation of Law, and then after the Cross came the dispensation of Grace.

It gave the impression that Law and Grace were incompatible in the Christian’s life. Law came to be despised as if it were obsolete. But grace and faith are everywhere from Moses to Christ, while Law and obedience are taught after the Cross as well.

The only thing that really changed was the FORM of the law. This so-called “Dispensation of Grace” is better described as the Age of Pentecost. But even this does not imply that the Holy Spirit was absent during the previous Age of Passover. The Holy Spirit was present at creation (Gen. 1:2) and continued through Moses, the Judges, David, and the Prophets. The only real difference was the LEVEL of the Holy Spirit, which increased from a “Passover” level to a “Pentecost” level.

Look at all the miracles that took place in the Old Testament time period.  Read more…