God’s Garden – Seeing Earth from Heaven

Do you see it?  The plant has not left Earth, yet it reaches into the Heavens.  Its broad leaves soak up heavenly light and return true nourishment to its earthly realm.  I think this plant lives in heaven and on earth. 

God’s Garden – Seeing Earth From Heaven

I will enter the heavens to see the earth
God planted a garden there
The trees that He planted have offered their fruit
Each seed has been sown in the ground

In warmth and in moisture
And blindness of dark
The terrestrial body gives way
In brokenness offering its life to the earth
Comes a new form up, winding its path

Celestial body still planted in earth
Stretching and growing above
Turning and reaching for heavenly light
Broad leaves seek for nourishment there
Green earth and the light mix a marvelous way
Restoring to earth life and breath.

The day I wrote this poem, I felt myself lifted above the earth. I saw … Click to Continue…