The Land

This poem expresses the heart of youth that has been touched by the warm hand of the Father.  The vision is more of a feeling, a faith.  You reach for it.  You know it’s there, but you can’t make it happen.  So, you keep living and believing.  He will open the door.  ~EW

We were your children,
‘Though we barely knew you.
We were not their children;
They never knew us.
We cried and you heard.
Our eyes could grasp the vision
Too distant for those feebler of our elders,
Whose eyes the years of bitterness and strife had dimmed.

It was your vision, and we saw your Land.
It was your voice, and we heard your call.
We strove, we fought, we tried to enter in,
But somehow the door stayed shut,
Even though we knew we had the key.
That Key, Your Blood, Your Faith, Your Life,
Would not turn within its lock.
The door we could not open.
Only you can turn the key.

Don’t let our eyes become dimmed
With bitterness and grief.
Allow us, Lord,
To work that Land
In faith we still can see.