No Ebb Prophecy and a Modern Day Simeon

Arthur Burt –A Modern Day Simeon?

Arthur Burt is 102 years old.  He lives in Wales.  He has travelled all over the world as a minister of the Gospel, and he still ministers.  He tells this story from 1934:

I was expelled from the Church of England in 1934 for embracing the Pentecostal revelation, the baptism of the Spirit, speaking with other tongues. Right after that, a prophecy came. I remember it as if it was last night.

I walked over to a piano and looked at the open Bible; it was open there at this Word:

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come….”

At the meeting that night, not a Church of England meeting, but a Pentecostal meeting, the Spirit of God fell upon a young man and he prophesied. I think it’s about the only prophecy I can remember word-for-word in my entire life. It’s like a scar inside of me!

“It shall come as a breath…
And the breath shall bring the wind…
And the wind shall bring the rain.
And there shall be floods and floods and floods…
And torrents and torrents and torrents.
Souls shall be saved like falling leaves
from mighty oaks swept by a hurricane.
Arms and legs shall come down from heaven…
..And there shall be no ebb.”

I remember that, “Souls shall be saved like falling leaves from mighty oaks swept by a hurricane.” There was another part about “the rich and the poor embracing each other in the streets of New York.” But the final thing was… “And there shall be no ebb.” No ebb!

Since that day Arthur Burt has seen and been involved with many revival movements.  Each one has come to its swell and then gone into ebb like the tide that comes in and goes out again.  Yet Arthur waits for the breath that shall become a wind for which there shall be no ebb.

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