Decomposition Renewal – A Diptych

I was sweeping debris from my deck.  Twigs, crackly leaves and spider webs virtually covered furniture, floor and rail. We live in the woods.  Nature was reclaiming her own.

Spider web

Spider web (Photo credit: lynnmwillis)

I imagined my house, left unattended, dissolving back into its elements.  Man carves nature into useful and even beautiful projects, but when he stops caring for the product of his labor, it will always decompose.  It returns to the earth from which it was taken.

This decomposition is renewal.  The earth renews  itself.  Man can create and maintain, but left unattended the earth will reclaim.

 I gazed at the dappled sunlight glancing on the dense green of our woods.  The idea glowed in me like hope.