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I first wrote Womanhood and God’s Dominion Call as a series of articles for our church women around the time of the birth of our fifth child, a daughter Sabbath Hope.  Her name expresses the message here.  We look toward that Great Sabbath Day when we, with God, shall rest and eternally enjoy the fruits of dominion labor.

I am the mother of a large family.  My husband and I are blessed with six sons and four daughters.  Early in our marriage and even before, God began laying the foundation of dominion principles in my heart.  They have ruled my life throughout our marriage.  As I would share them with my daughters and now my daughters-in-law, I will share them with you.

Chapter Headings:

  1.  Dominion – What is it?
  2. Womanhood – God’s Gift
  3. Motherhood
  4. In the Church – Where is the Dominion Woman?
  5. The Dominion Woman in her Community
  6. Conclusion


“What is dominion?  Dominion in God’s order must start within the heart and mind of each individual.  The soul must be grieved with his sins.  He must come to God in repentance to be covered by the atonement of Jesus Christ our Redeemer.  Then cleansed of his sins, he must reckon himself to be dead to sin, and like Jesus, forgive those who sin against him.  Through this process he now re-places himself willingly under the authority of God his Creator.  God’s originally intended dominion order can only be obtained under God and according to his commandments as Jesus Christ has revealed to us the Father’s nature and true character.

From this beginning, we then grow to affect our environment.  Our promise is the same as God gave to Joshua when he led the children of Israel into the Promised Land, Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you. The degree to which we can affect our environment increases in proportion to our personal growth in subjection to God’s dominion over our own lives.  Dominion begins by our living as Jesus would in our homes and among our own family members.  From there we yield ourselves to God’s dominion order in our churches, our communities, our nation, and even beyond.”
~from Dominion – What is it?

“The creation of Woman was not God’s after-thought.  …  Genesis one shows us that it was God’s original intent to create Man, male and female. ”
~from  Womanhood – God’s Gift

“When a society loses its respect for motherhood, it makes a mockery of motherhood’s provision for future generations, and it loses its regard for the family.  That society sees people no longer as individuals, but only as members of the corporate world body.  This is an affront to God’s order and his plan of government in the earth.”
~from Motherhood

“While every local church needs women for such roles as singers and musicians, teachers for various positions, program organizers, and office workers, the focus here is on the role of women in prayer and prophecy.  These are two very powerful tools God has entrusted to women, as well as to men, in the church. ”
~from In the Church – Where is the Dominion Woman? 

“Outside our homes is a world of needs.  The peace that the dominion woman enjoys in her home must be shared with others.  The community in which you live is also your domain.  It is a shared domain, and you have your part to do in it.  Stretch out, therefore, your hands to the needy.”
~from The Dominion Woman in her Community

“The community expands into the nation.  The work of dominion must assume a political nature.  We must deliver them that are drawn unto death.  …  The scripture calls us to defend all who are unjustly oppressed.”
~from The Dominion Woman in her Community

” The dominion call extends past our homes.  The whole world beyond needs our hands of care.  If we think to be satisfied within the safety of our homes, we deceive ourselves.  Alone safety does not exist.  We must bravely go beyond our homes to places where we are needed and bring them help.”
~from The Dominion Woman in her Community

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